Hanibal's View



"My method of life is the same at home, at the company, and with our clients. Of course we have highly trained professionals working at Spectrum, but what distinguishes us is that we are a family team."

Hanibal C. Tayeh, Ph.D.

Spectrum Analytical believes that we share common goals and values which include protection of the environment, quality of product, and personal integrity.  We know our reputation depends upon the quality of the analytical data produced and services provided as well at the integrity of the people who generate them. 


Spectrum Analytical features Hanibal Technology, a set of values espoused by Hanibal C. Tayeh.  Combining a commitment to state-of-the-art technology with a human touch, our clients can be confident in the results they receive and in the people who willingly handle their requests or help resolve their problems.

This concept combines ideals, goals, environmental technology and a human philosophy that will ultimately serve as an overall peace-making process.  It is the aim of such an ambitious moral perception to conduct many future research and development (R&D) studies in conjunction with the function of environmental technology, universities, state departments and possibly the United Nations.

In due course, Hanibal Technology hopes to provide a full range of educational opportunities and training in the field of environmental studies, promote an understanding of and commitment to a healthy and peaceful coexistence with the environment, and engage in lawful business and trade.  By working with nationwide and international universities to develop and implement these educational intentions, Hanibal Technology will serve to develop training centers to combat the existence of and spreading of hazardous substances, especially in areas of the world that are economically underdeveloped, and the simultaneous damage caused thereby.